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VR/AR 丨 Virtual Reality

Three-fold screen/five-fold screen Glasses-free 3D VR interactive games Panoramic video 3D roaming system


Tri-fold curtain/five-fold curtain

The five-fold screen is a visual space formed by splicing five projection screens, which wraps the audience's field of vision in an all-round way, making the audience feel more involved. Application scenarios include exhibitions, large game halls, large amusement parks, museums, science and technology museums, urban planning halls, etc.

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Naked eye 3D

Glasses-free 3D utilizes the parallax feature of the eyes to obtain realistic stereoscopic images with space and depth without the need for any auxiliary equipment. It can be used in large-scale events, exhibition halls, performances, etc.

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VR interactive games

VR interactive games are one of the types of mobile games with virtual imaging technology. When players wear external devices, they can see realistic game scenes and interact with characters in the game. The application scenarios include VR experience hall, exhibition attracting popularity, product digital exhibition hall, etc.

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Panoramic video

Panoramic video is a kind of video that is shot in 360 degrees with a 3D camera. When watching the video, the user can adjust the video up, down, left and right to watch it at will. Exhibition halls, factory production lines, product exhibition halls, shopping malls and entertainment and leisure venues can be made into panoramic videos for official website display, exhibition exhibitions, and major Internet promotion platforms.

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3D roaming system

The 3D roaming system 100% reproduces the offline scenes, or restores the scenes that are still in the conceptual design stage and have not been actually built one-to-one. The audience can visit the scene as if they were on the scene, and obtain a more realistic immersive experience. . It can be widely used in design proposal, investment and financing roadshow, housing pre-sale, etc.

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