The client hopes that this is a concept film that is different from functional realism, which naturally brings out the comfortable experience of "emptiness and purity. Therefore, we incorporated some bold ideas into the film:;
Cities must no longer spread like ink stains and oil stains. Once they develop, they must open up like flowers in a star shape, alternating with green leaves among the golden rays of light. ——Patrick Geddes
This is our comfortable understanding of "the unity of emptiness and purity", trying to extend the value concept of the product, from the perspective of man and nature, to integrate the film into a healthy life imagination.
A city made of reinforced concrete, dust concentration accumulates, and high temperature effects are entrained.... Cut to the single-family space, the environment is gray, "Ding, the Gree cold and clean wind is naturally drawn, and the space instantly turns from gray to bright. Walls. Longing to bloom flowers and grow forests... The fire surreal method creates a natural environment in the city, which makes the indoor and outdoor in sharp contrast, echoing the design concept-the unity of empty and pure, and enjoy the "breath of the forest"!
From the perspective of the story, the use of sharp contrast techniques maximizes the highlights of the "empty and pure unity"; it breaks through the limitations of shocking and empty forms, and creates an aesthetic artistic conception that blends with °Sen's breathing.