Jaguar's new E-PACE launch conference

——Holographic projection shows a new cool feeling of SUV——


Project Name: Holographic Projection Program of Jaguar E-PACE Press Conference
Production team: Cheng Shi
Art Director: knight123
Animation director: knight123 director 歪.y
Project Manager: BRAVE
Script design: Hermine
Production members: Zi Moruo, KL, Nathan.J, Ming
Editing design: Zi Moruo
Project period: 2018.08.20-2018.09.10

The launch of the new Jaguar E-PACE in the southern region, airborne the "Small Waist" in Guangzhou. In a wonderful performance of "Yu·See E-PACE", a "little leopard" that integrates surging power and agility sports to help this audio-visual feast of "leopard power aesthetics".
If your eyes deceive you, you have to find the answer behind your back. This is not a magic show, but a real technological creation.
All the wonderful moments you see that shock you are all synthesized by the animation designer on the computer later, and use motion capture technology to maximize the perfect combination of leopard movement and dancers, and finally carry out every detail Artistic interpretation.