3D animation of car radar | RoboSense ces2019
RoboSense-CES (International Consumer Electronics Show) 2019 Innovation Award winner, through the 3D + real shot visual effects, the first public demonstration of the technical highlights of the new lidar products in Las Vegas, USA, won many Favored by Chinese and foreign technology giants.
In terms of production, we have referenced some domestic and foreign automobile TVC movie lenses under the limited budget, and we also elaborately conceived in the art design. The difficulty of the film is how to seamlessly integrate the real scene of the car with the three-dimensional, without being rigid. For this reason, we have considered many small details as a breakthrough point in the transition, giving people a sense of smoothness. After more than ten days of hard work, the film was delivered satisfactorily, and it emerged at CES2019 in Las Vegas.