Air Conditioning 3D Animation│"Gree" Brazil TVC Commercial
Gree, the "world famous brand" product of China's air-conditioning industry, has always insisted on "self-development, independent innovation, and own brand". Therefore, this time the airport advertising film incorporates key elements such as "Quality and Discipline", "Intelligent Manufacturing", "Quality", and "International Model". The texture of the product allows Gree to "go out" and show its business card of "Made in China", making the world fall in love with Made in China.
The power button is activated, and the extended current particles travel to "Gree Chip", "Gree Compressor", "Gree Motor"...the fluid trajectory of current particles, the momentary pleasure of machine-mechanical collision, and the wind is abstracted as an image of light Expression, perfect integration, "unlock" Gree black technology.