Chengshi Vision*Skyworth | Adrenal Soaring Warning! 8K is here!
2020/09/258K pixels, like car gears, each one is meticulous and exquisite craftsmanship; Dolby sound effects, like the kind of adrenaline that will soar after listening to the real track;
Skyworth, whether in 8K technology or on the industry track, is always ahead of others in overtaking at high speed...
Through these connections, we use a car with the same high-tech attributes to express Skyworth’s 8K TV’s points: as soon as you step on the accelerator, the car will move fast on the outdoor track, combined with the dynamic and creative forms of the car’s speeding outdoors, in the autumn of Skyworth. The press conference showed off the hardcore skills of 3Kc TV, stunning the audience.